Tuesday, June 29, 2021

Top Ten Tuesday: Most Anticipated Books of the Second Half of 2021

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly linkup of book bloggers hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl! This week, the subject we do twice per year and I whine about but ultimately suck up and do...most anticipated new releases for the rest of the year! I do not tend to read new releases until they've had some time to collect reviews, but here are ten that look promising.

The Council of Animals (July 20): This one seems right up my alley...in a world where humanity seems to have been wiped out, animals are in charge. But when they find a pocket of humanity, what will they do with them?

Once There Were Wolves (August 3): This one is also focused on animals, but in a very different way. It's the story of two sisters with a mysterious past who go to Scotland to reintroduce wolves...only to run into issues when a death is attributed to the pack.

The Human Zoo (August 10): One of the reasons I enjoy reading is the opportunity to discover more about the world, so I am really interested in this book that explores both the history and present of the Philippines.

Dog Park (September 21): I'm always interested in things set in the post-Soviet era, and this book sounds dark and insightful about the ways in which women's bodies have been used over time. I'm also trying to read more literature in translation, so this fits that bill too.

Mr Cadmus (September 21): If a book is about the seemy underbelly of small-town life, I am always interested! This explores the relationship between cousins when a new resident moves to the cottage between the ones they own, and things go very sideways.

The Night The Lights Went Out (October 5): My husband got me into Drew Magary's writing, and I still remember when sports media Twitter was abuzz about when he collapsed suddenly at an event. This is his memoir about the experience and I can't wait to read it!

MacArthur Park (October 12): Another auto-read kind of subject for me are long-term female friendships, and while this one sounds a little on the soap-opera-adjacent side (one marries the other's ex-husband and they end up on a road trip together), it also seems like it could be good!

Dava Shastri's Last Day (November 30): This seems like fun, juicy drama, in which a matriarch with terminal cancer fakes her early death so that she can read her obits...and finds secrets she thought long-buried are still alive and well.

The Ballerinas (December 7): If you tell me your book is about fallout from ballet school secrets, I will read your book.

Beasts of a Little Land (December 7): In Japanese-occupied Korea, a little girl sold into the sex trade becomes friends with an orphaned beggar boy, and their relationship impacts them both throughout the rest of their lives. This is very much up my alley!


  1. I’m so curious about The Ballerinas.

    My post: https://lydiaschoch.com/top-ten-tuesday-most-anticipated-books-of-the-second-half-of-2021/

  2. I hope you manage to enjoy all these - Mr Cadmus looks interesting to me.
    These are the books I am most excited about reading in the next few months!

  3. The Ballerinas has me curious.

    I hope you enjoy your books when you get the chance to read them.

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  4. Thanks for visiting my Top Ten Tuesday list! I hope The Ballerinas is as good as it looks! Happy Reading!