Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Top Ten Tuesday: Books I've Added To My TBR On Recommendation

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly linkup of book bloggers hosted by The Broke and The Bookish! This week's topic is books that ended up on the TBR pile based on recommendations from others. This is a tricky one...for most of my life, I've tended to chose to my own reading for my own reasons, only very infrequently seeking or taking recommendations. But since I started to get involved with book blogs (a while before I started my own), I read about the great things you all are reading and I want in! So here are books that have gotten added to the long and growing list because they've been recommended to me. 

You Will Know Me: I'd never read Abbott before, but I've heard great things about her work around the bookish internet. And I've long been interested in women's gymnastics, so when I started hearing good things from people who had the ARC, I picked up a copy of my own when it went on Kindle sale recently!

The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay: I remember seeing this on a list somewhere (Buzzfeed? Book Riot? Pajiba?) of best books and having generally heard good things about Michael Chabon, it ended up on my TBR.

Boy, Snow, Bird: The bookternet definitely was how I got introduced to Helen Oyeymi and when I found this at my local SPCA thrift store (where paperbacks are 50 cents and hardcovers a dollar...can't beat those prices) I definitely yanked it off the shelf and now it's at home.

Station Eleven: I've always had a fondness for post-apocalyptic literature and it seems like everyone ever on the internet loved this, so it's on my Kindle until I get to it!

Over-Dressed: This was a recommendation from Adina at Blue Collar Red Lipstick, whose blog is totally worth reading for its primary style content alone, but she's also a reader (and author!) who does the odd post about what she enjoys. I read Deluxe based on her rec and got a lot of food for thought out of it, so I picked up this one she recommended as well. 

Fangirl: Probably not a surprise that lots of book bloggers enjoy a book about a young woman who spends a lot of time writing for the internet, but Rainbow Rowell's books are generally well-liked and so I've added them to my TBR! 

The Sense of an Ending: This was one of the personal recs...my good friend Kailey recommended it quite some time ago and when I saw a secondhand copy, I remembered her talking about how much she liked it and picked it up. 

The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks: Another Kailey recommendation...she's a genetic counselor, so the subject area is particularly compelling to her, but she made it clear that it's broader than just a book for science nerds (not that a book for science nerds is a bad thing!) and I've got it on my Kindle. 

Ghost Wars: Another personal rec! This was actually a favorite of my college boyfriend and as I've gotten more interested in global political affairs over the years, I decided to snag it!

The Lace Reader: My coworker is a writer and editor, and when she mentioned this was her favorite book, it got added to my list! It went on Kindle sale not long after she mentioned it to me so it's safely on my e-reader and waiting to be read.


  1. Glad you read You Will Know Me! That was a fun one. And I read Station Eleven after getting multiple recs from other bloggers too...

    1. I haven't gotten to You Will Know Me yet, it's still on the list, but I'm really looking forward to reading that and other Abbott books because I think they're going to be right up my alley from what I've read from you and other people!

  2. I loved both Boy, Snow, Bird and Station Eleven. (I also have a soft spot for post-apocalyptic stories!)

    1. Station Eleven has such good word of mouth that I'm almost a little afraid it won't life up to the hype (but I really hope it will!)