Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Top Ten Tuesday: Books I Hope Santa Brings

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly linkup of book bloggers hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl! I'm doing this topic slightly out of order, because I think next Tuesday might be cutting it a little close for Santa...so here are ten books I'm hoping to see under the tree!

Maximilian and Carlota: I'm always interested in stories of royalty, so this book about the ill-fated emperor and empress of Mexico is very much up my alley.

Abominable Science: This book is about cryptozoology...i.e. the fantastic creatures of folklore, like yetis and bigfoots. It examines evidence of their existence as well as the science behind why people believe in them, and sounds like the kind of thing that would really work for me!

The Global Age: I own all the other books in this series about the history of Europe, so I want the last one to complete the set! 

Too Much: This book is about how women today are still impacted by Victorian attitudes about gender, and I am very into deep dives of this sort.

Shadow King: The Tudor era began with Henry VII, but the Wars of the Roses really began with the reign of Henry VI, who seems to have been an intensely odd person and I would love to learn more about him!

The Accusation: This is a true crime examination of one of (if not the) only known instances of the blood libel being deployed in the United States and I am super curious about it.

Once A Grand Duke: It wouldn't be a list from me if I didn't have a book about Russia on it somewhere! This is the memoir of Nicholas II's brother-in-law about the last years of the Romanov dynasty.

Talking Animals: This is a book about a world much like our own, except the people are animals. It sounds like it has echoes of Animal Farm, one of my favorite books, so I'm definitely interested in reading it.

The Spider King's Daughter: This is an opposites-attract drama from Nigeria about a rich girl and a poor boy who fall in love as teenagers and I've heard great things about it!

Mhudi: This was the first book written in English by a Black South African, and is supposed to be a really interesting look at life before large-scale European settlement in the area, which is something I'm fascinated by.


  1. I hope you get all of these books!

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