Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Top Ten Tuesday: Titles That Would Make Good Band Names

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly linkup of book bloggers hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl! This week, we're talking about book titles that would make good band names. I do enjoy picking out phrases that I hear and thinking they would make good names for musical acts, so this one seemed like fun!

Daisy Jones and the Six: I'm cheating, this is the name of a fictional band already, but there's no denying that it works really well!

There There: Can't you just picture a chart-topping single by a band called There There? I see them as an indie rock style group.

Anthem: This would be a band that did like stadium rock music for sure.

The Black Dahlia: The Black Dahlia would definitely be fronted by a Lana Del Rey-type nostalgic pretty girl with a similar interest in Old Hollywood iconography and throwback-style tunes.

Twilight: A female singer-songwriter type who wants to be mysterious about her real identity.

The Interestings: This would be very self-conciously quirky indie music that would have like one big hit, one minor hit, and then tour small venues forever.

Abhorsen: I could definitely see a European DJ touring under this name.

Speak: A teen pop girl group, right?

Native Son: Native Son would be a rap duo who consciously chose to reference this book because of its message about race relations and makes very socially aware music.

The Lowland: It's been too long since we had a Boyz-II-Men style R&B group and I think this would be a great name for one!


  1. Yeah, Speak would totally be a teen pop group.

    My TTT .

  2. I totally see There There as a band! Love all of your choices and descriptions for them today.

  3. I love all your ideas! Especially the European DJ, haha.

    1. It just immediately popped into my head!

  4. Ooh yes, I can definitely picture all of these titles as band names! I love that you included Daisy Jones as well, I was so tempted to lol There There and The Black Dahlia are also awesome picks. Great list 😃

    1. I mean, it's the first thing I thought of and I figured it fits the prompt lol!