Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Top Ten Tuesday: Favorite Songs

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly linkup of book bloggers hosted by The Broke and The Bookish! This week's topic is an All About Audio chose-your-own. I don't listen to audiobooks (I know that for a lot of people they're enjoyable, and I know this will spark dissent but I just don't feel like they're real reading...it's not "cheating", that's silly, it's just not the same thing as reading words on a page), so I chose to go in a different audio direction: music! I love music and actually buy quite a bit because I'm not into streaming (I like to own things). So here are ten of my favorite songs.

Just The Two Of Us: This was our first dance at our wedding. We did not practice at ALL beforehand so it was delightfully awkward.

High For This: Ah, the song that started my Weeknd obsession back in 2012, when I actually saw him on tour about two weeks before I moved to Reno. And that was the last actual live music I've seen (outside of the orchestra), unfortunately enough. Reno does get shows, but not usually what I want to see.

Billie Jean: Michael Jackson is an amazing musician. Whatever you believe about his personal situation and failures, he made incredible music that stands the test of time. This song is just...perfect. The entire Thriller album is one of the greatest ever made, so for this to be a highlight says something.

If You Seek Amy: I remember buying Britney Spears' first single ("...Baby One More Time" with the "Autumn Goodbye" b-side) when I was just a little high schooler. I've been a fan ever since, and I NEED to see her Vegas show before she closes up shop. This is one of my favorites of hers, with that sing-song "la la la" and the not-even-hidden double entendre of the title.

Back To Black: The loss of Amy Winehouse and her incredible talent is something I still mourn, honestly. She had her demons, obviously, but she was so gifted and this entire album is a masterpiece (her first album, Frank, is also very good).

Wonderwall: The Ryan Adams cover, not the Oasis original (which is a classic in its own right). But this was my introduction (via The O.C., back when that was a thing) and remains my favorite from my all-time favorite artist. I've seen Ryan live four times and can't wait until I get to again!

Pour It Up: Every girl needs a song that makes her feel like a bad bitch (or maybe not, maybe that's just me?). And no one does it better than the Queen Bad Bitch herself: Rihanna. There are a ton of songs I could have gone for here, honestly, but this is the one that really gets me in peak sassy mindspace.

Bittersweet Symphony: I'm a child of the 90s, okay? If you can hear this song without thinking of a young Reese Witherspoon driving a convertible with the top down and her hair swirling around in the breeze, you probably aren't. But I highly recommend turning this on when you're going anywhere, it makes a walk to Starbucks feel EPIC.

Got To Give It Up: Remember how "Blurred Lines" was catchy as hell but also totally rapey and gross? This the original version of the song (a court even held that "Blurred Lines" was a total ripoff) and has all of the booty-shaking funk with none of the awful overtones!

Purple Rain: Prince was a formative influence in my house. I grew up singing along to "Cream" before I had the slightest idea what it was about. Purple Rain is the product of a brilliant musician at the height of his creative powers; a timeless, soaring anthem.


  1. Gonna have to look up Ryan Adams version of Wonderwall. I LOVE that song! Great Top Ten :D My Top Ten Tuesday!

    1. I love the Ryan version...although I actually didn't really like it the first time I heard it! But it stuck with me and I went back and listened to it again and basically never stopped listening to Ryan Adams ever since

  2. I adore Bittersweet Symphany. It's one of those songs that I just close my eyes to and get absorbed in the music.
    And Ryan Adams' version of Wonderwall is almost haunting... so beautiful!

    1. Isn't it? He's an amazing songwriter in his own right, but I think he's also got a real knack for covers...his cover version of 1989 was fantastic!