About 500 Books

Hello, blog friends! Welcome to 500 Books! I’m Gabby. Once upon a time I was a dorky little girl in a small southeastern Michigan town who always got the biggest haul from the book order. Now I’m a lawyer-turned-lobbyist living in Reno, Nevada, with my husband Drew and our pug, Lord Stanley. In between, I got a bachelor’s degree in Psychology from the University of Michigan, a J.D. from the University of Alabama, practiced law as a post-divorce custody litigator, and did field work for a presidential campaign. 

Whenever I got mouthy as a kid, my mom would punish me by grounding me from the library. But as I went through undergrad and especially law school, having so much mandatory reading meant that I didn’t do much in the way of reading for fun anymore. After a long day of staring at words as an attorney, the last thing I wanted to do was go home and stare at more words. But when I left lawyering behind, I rediscovered my love of books and the worlds they contain. I started reading again, and it’s been a joy to get back in touch with my bookworm side.

When I turned 30 in October 2015 (so you can do the math on how old I am now), I set some goals for the next decade of my life. Although these ten years coming up promise to bring lots of changes, like children, moves, and certainly more things I haven’t thought about yet, I don’t want to stop reading. So one of those goals I set was to read at least 50 books per year for the next ten years…hence, 500 books! And to keep me accountable, and give me a space to think and write about what I’m reading, I started this blog. I hope you enjoy it, and please do leave a comment, I’d love to talk to you!


  1. I love this pic of you Gabriele--Gorgeous!-and determined,as always-

    1. Thank you Mom! I think it's very me

  2. I love the idea of setting a set goal of how many books you want to read!

    -Megan Bookstacks & Golden Moms