Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Top Ten Tuesday: Books with Colors In Their Titles

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly linkup of book bloggers hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl! This week, we're looking at books with colors in their titles. This was a hard one to do without repeating ones, and I had to cheat a little bit too.

The Scarlet Letter: I almost went for The Red Tent here, but I've talked enough about that book on these lists so decided to highlight this classic, which a lot of people did not like but I actually think is really good!

A Clockwork Orange: The title is actually referring to the fruit and not the color per se, but it's my list and I make the rules!

James and the Giant Peach: Another fruit-not-color, but peach also works as a color and I don't talk about this book very much although it was one of my favorites as a kid!

The Golden Compass: I'm lucky they changed the name for the American release of one of my all-time most frequently re-read books! 

Green Girl: I read this book a couple years back and while it wasn't especially good, I think about it every so often. There was an appealing rawness to it. 

Olive Kitteridge: Last one where it was definitely not meant to refer to the color but I'm taking it that way anyway! Olive is the name of woman who inspired some mixed feelings in me (as did the book as a while)

Island of the Blue Dolphins: I loved this book so much as a kid and still remember doing a book report on it in elementary school!

The Color Purple: This was the easiest one to think of! I haven't read this book since AP English in high school and loved it, so I hope to be able to revisit it someday soon.

Black Beauty: I like the book, of course (like every little girl who loved horses), but the movie was one of my absolute favorites as a kid!

The White Tiger: This is a sharp, funny satire and more people should read it.


  1. Great list of books - and have even read a few!

    1. Thanks! These are all books I've read and really enjoyed!

  2. The Color Purple was on my list, too!

    My TTT .

  3. Same. This topic was a challenge for me. I finally came up with ten, but it was a struggle!

    Happy TTT!

    1. I actually could have done it more easily if I'd repeated colors, but that felt like cheating!

  4. I love so many books on this list -- Black Beauty, Island of the Blue Dolphins, and especially The Scarlet Letter; high five from a fellow fan! I would not have thought to use James and the Giant Peach (also a fave), but you're right, that definitely works as a color too.

    I love that you remember doing a book report on Island of the Blue Dolphins; I have a few books that I fondly remember elementary/middle school reports on as well. This wasn't one of them, but your mention of the book report reminded me I read Zlata's Diary from the school library in eager follow-up anticipation. I'd almost forgotten that.

    1. I never read Zlata's Diary! I mostly remember doing that book report because I'd procrastinated so bad and had to find materials (it was a "brown bag" book report, where we had to bring in items from home to represent aspects of the story) at the last minute haha!